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Small Business Accounting Software – Why You Need It

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Running a small business is tough enough…running a small business that’s disorganized is a whole different ballgame altogether.

It’s not an easy task when there’s so much to think about and be done. When most business owners start out they’re not prepared for all of the red-tape that goes with running a business. Keeping up with the accounting aspects including taxes, payroll, inventory costs, and purchasing costs is unfortunately an after-thought in the mind of many business owners.

Over half of small business owners don’t even use software to help them out with their accounting tasks at all. Most use spreadsheets on their computer, which when it comes time to do the taxes, or even a more frequent event like dolling out the payroll, the headache ensues as they try to retrieve data from all different places on their computer.

The consequences therefore become a lot of wasted time, as well as a ton of errors that could have easily been avoided with good small business accounting software such as the popular Quickbooks by Intuit.

Quickbooks has been around for 15 years and has proven over and over again, by one small business owner after another that their product is of the highest quality available, and part of the reason why is they never stop trying to improve on their software.

The main task to you as a small business owner is the financial tasks such as creating estimates and invoices, receiving payment, paying bills, managing the payroll and more.

The Quickbooks software makes it simple to do all of this virtually in one place, which therefore gives you an important overview that’s quick to refer to rather than the picture painted above where you’re searching from place to place on your computer through tons of different Excel files and so on.

This alone will save you a lot of precious business building time, as well as cut down on your errors and will probably lead to major money saving for you.

With Quickbooks you can not only store your businesses information such as inventory and payroll, but you can also keep your customer information a click away (which you know as a business owner is some of the most important information, if not the most important information, that you can have.)

As well, you can have handy your vendors information in an extremely organized manner, making much more efficient for you to keep track of orders and outgoing invoices, ensuring that you don’t accidentally get behind on payments because of silly human error.

Intuit designed Quickbooks as accounting software for businesses with 1 to about 20 employees, which very likely is where you fall. Either way, no matter how many people you employee, their information as well can be documented all in one location for ease of use.

In essence, everyday tasks such as creating invoices, printing checks, paying bills, and the all important expense tracking eats up most of your time that could much more efficiently be spent on obtaining new customers and/or pampering the ones you have for repeat business. Quickbooks handles that aspect.

Just think about how much time and energy could be saved for a meager expense of the price of the software.

Let’s face it…how many days a week do you go home after a 14 hour day of chaos that you know could have been much more productive if you didn’t have to be stuck under a mountain of disorganized paperwork all day. The sad fact is that this is extra time spent is probably causing your business to remain stagnant or even lose money.

Small business accounting software is nothing less than a necessity for a small business owner, and will save you a ton of money in hiring the extra staff that it would cost to take care of this paperwork for you. Actually, even if you do have staff to do this, with Quickbooks from 3-5 people can use the system all at the same time within a network – depending on the version that you get.

Again this means having more time to do the tasks that count in growing your business, and less costly mistakes, as well as tracking every cent that comes in and out without being a mathematician or accountant yourself.

Don’t be stubborn with your business. You should start thinking seriously about a small business accounting software like Quickbooks now, and take that heavy weight off your shoulders.

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