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Webgility eCC and QuickBooks

eCommerce Connector

As the scope of the ecommerce industry is on the rise, Webgility has certainly offered SMEs some solace and comfort in the fact that they can now streamline their shopping cart activity with direct integration to QuickBooks. This can be done with the help of an exclusive software known as eCC that can integrate shopping carts with QuickBooks

As an ecommerce application, eCC allows you to automatically update inventory levels, shipments, and management accounts; and get real time updates in your QuickBooks account. eCC can also automatically update customer account information, as well as track and record sales reports. eCC cannot only comprehensively integrate with QuickBooks, but also, with Xero and the Netsuite beta version. However, here are the general benefits of integrating Webgility eCC with QuickBooks.

General eCC Benefits

Integrating eCC with QuickBooks allows you to track online invoices, receipts, and other billables in real time in more than 40 popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify. In other words, you can now automate most accounting processes by integrating eCC with QuickBooks.

Webgility eCC also offers automation in financial data and transactions. For instance, if you have the same product across various stores, eCC can match all the items despite their name changes, and will sync them with the inventory. Following this, product details of out of stock and shipped items will be updated automatically in real time. This means that you don’t have to manually enter or update inventory levels anymore!

Real Time Updates

A major benefit of eCC is that it also allows you to track incoming orders in offline mode, making it easier for you to process them as soon as possible. The order tracking ID is updated on your eCC Desktop in real time, also allowing you to print and track order receipts directly. In addition, you can grant multiple user access in eCC, just like in QuickBooks.

For instance, your shipment manager, warehouse manager, and bookkeeper can all keep tabs on the status of inventory and perform their duties at the same time. Whenever a user updates an entry, it will be instantly updated in all versions of eCC, allowing all users to see the latest records and entries.

Here are some of the key standout features of Webgility ECC broken down by each version of QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Online

  • Real time online sales and expenses tracking
  • Determine profitable products and gain insight for improved sales of less profitable products
  • Connect multi-channel stores for easier management
  • Manage new and repeat customers from one cloud platform

QuickBooks Pro/Premier

  • Track best selling products
  • Product control and automated inventory report generation
  • Connect more channels on the eCC cloud
  • Improve shipment speed
  • Customer management
  • Additional user access

QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Automate and streamline shopping cart auditing
  • Real time financial transactions for accurate and efficient cash flow

QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • Intelligent integration for automating sales
  • Faster and more convenient account management
  • Track and synch inventory and products
  • Increase sales across multi-channels
  • Multiple user access
  • Improved customer management

QuickBooks International

  • Improve sales by identifying best selling products
  • Automated product and inventory report generation
  • Sales across multi-channels
  • Improved supplier and customer management

QuickBooks Hosted

  • In-depth access to financial data and accounts
  • Account automation to save time
  • Product and inventory tracking and synchronization
  • Improved and automated customer management
  • eCC shipping add-ons for faster and better shipping

Getting Started With eCC For QuickBooks

The world of ecommerce is in a huge growth phase, offering small and medium businesses the scalability to really compete with large ecommerce stores. To ensure that your ecommerce business grows over time, applications like Webgility eCC that work hand-in-hand with your QuickBooks, become more of a necessity than a luxury.  If you are looking to integrate Webgility into your business and set up multi-channel commerce applications, give us a call at 866.949.7267.  We can not only help you with deciding if ECC is a fit, but can assist with setup, install, and in many cases offer discounted pricing on the Webgility ECC module.