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QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 – Intuit R6 Mango Update

What's new in QuickBooks

The QuickBooks team is excited to introduce release 6 for QuickBooks Enterprise 2015.   This Enterprise release is the first to contain feature enhancements in addition to bug fixes.   Here’s what to expect in release 6:

Key Updates:

  • Updated tax tables for 2015
  • Find and Select Items While Building Estimate – We’re making estimates easier to work with, by adding our popular Find and Select Items feature to them. Now it’s even faster to build an estimate and find the right items without poring through your entire inventory.
  • Accountant Tools
    • Reclassify Transactions in Batch – Did you misclassify a large number of transactions under the wrong department or office? If you use class tracking, you can quickly fix these transactions using our batch reclassification tool.
    • Write Off Invoices Easily – Like it or not, once in a while a customer just won’t pay his bill. Now you can quickly write off an outstanding invoice as a bad debt with this new feature within QuickBooks Enterprise
    • Period Copy Lets You Segment Your Books by Time – Getting a loan or filing a document with the government may require a historical look at your books. If you need to provide data from, say, 2012 through 2014, this tool lets you make a focused copy of your data file.
    • Troubleshoot Prior Account Balances – allows you to use prior account balances to find account discrepancies and quickly identify the root cause
    • Review List Changes – outlines what has been added, changed, deleted, etc. in the Chart of Accounts, Items, Fixed Assets, and Payroll Items lists (if Payroll is enabled)
    • Fix Unapplied Customer Payments and Credits – quickly associate payments and credits to open invoices
    • Clear Up Undeposited Funds – quickly assign undeposited funds to the incorrectly created deposit transaction
    • Fix Unapplied Vendor Payments and Credits – quickly apply vendor credits or bill payments to an open vendor bill
    • Working Trial Balance – view and adjust a working trial balance and complete end of period tasks
    • Starter Copy – you can now create a new company file from an existing company file and retain the chart of accounts, memorized reports, and non-proprietary preferences
    • Compare Balance Sheet and Inventory Valuation (if inventory is enabled) – compare and adjust the balance sheet inventory asset account and the inventory valuation summary
    • Troubleshoot Inventory (if inventory is enabled) – view and analyze your inventory and make adjustments
    • Fix Incorrectly Recorded Sales Tax (US only, available if use has sales tax enabled) – if you paid sales tax using regular checks, it corrects them to be a sales tax check
    • Fix Incorrect Payroll Liabilities (only if payroll is enabled) – find and fix payroll liabilities that were paid using a regular check
  • Enhanced Shortage Report – the Individual Assembly Shortage report now displays additional helpful information per item like quantity on Sales Order, quantity for Other Assemblies, quantity Available, quantity on Purchase Order, and Next Delivery Date.
  • Multiply by Quantity in Cost and Custom Field Columns– In transactions you now have an option to multiply the Cost and numerical Custom Field columns by the quantity of items.

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting Improvements:

  • Two new report templates to help you get more out of Advanced Reporting immediately:
    • Item Sales Forecasting report – See the total sales amounts for the past 90 days along with year-over-year growth and the forecast for future sales based on historical data.
    • Sales Profitability Dashboard – See the stats for your daily, monthly, and yearly sales including costs of products and services, cost of goods sold, and gross profit per day. Also shows days remaining and elapsed working days for the year.
  • Updated help site
    • New look and feel
    • New content including new tutorial videos:
      • Using List Boxes to see information in your report
      • Understanding the Expression syntax
    • Refreshed visual design
      • All template reports come with descriptions so it’s easier for the user to choose which one they need.
      • The Library’s updated design makes it easier to use.
      • The new icon helps you to easily differentiate between the QuickBooks window and the Advanced Reporting window.
    • New Linked Transactions Table – This new table lets you report on transactions that relate to each other on the same report. For example, see all invoices paid by a single payment or when invoices were paid in full.
    • Improved quality and data logging
      • Now users who have transactions with more than 1000 line items can use Advanced Reporting.
      • The log now shows the names of tables that have loaded. If there’s a problem in any table, then Care agents can see the last table that loaded, providing an easier and more efficient way to resolve the problem.

Bug Fix Highlights

  • Performance improved in Multi-User mode for users with long Item or Customer lists when editing those list items.
  • Invoice item with only a description is now saved without a qty (not with a 0.0 qty)
  • Negative Quantity on Hand warning message now appears even when adding an item to a sales order by using ‘Find and Select’
  • Full Access role can be properly selected in the Role List
  • Ability to save inventory transfers with Site and Bin locations turned on
  • Lot number is now correctly updated when changing items on a transaction
  • Correct quantity on hand is now displayed per site when building assembly items
  • Zero Amount Items dialog displays appropriately (no longer displayed on subtotal items)
  • Pending, but unsaved, build assemblies are now reported as if the assembly was pending and saved.
  • Subtotal amount inside a group now totals correctly
  • Advanced Pricing rules based on a deleted Sales Rep, Customer, Item, Customer Type, or Job Type are no longer deleted after rebuilding the company file.

Have Questions?  Need Help?

If you have questions with your current QuickBooks Enterprise or are looking to purchase the new QuickBooks Enterprise 2015, feel free to call one of our QuickBooks experts at 866.949.7267.  As a top five ranking Intuit Premier Reseller, we understand how to make Enterprise work for your business and can help you decide the best product and version to fit your needs.