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Additional Features in QuickBooks Wholesale and Manufacturing Edition

Additional features in QuickBooks wholesale and manufacturing edition

The plug-and-play version of QuickBooks provides some great benefits. But if you are to the point where the base features fall a bit short, QuickBooks has created a few industry-specific editions. The QuickBooks Manufacturing & Wholesale edition enhances productivity and saves time for an industry where time management is essential.

If you’re looking for the most efficient reporting and time management features, below are some of the benefits offered by this edition.

Improved Assemblies Management

QuickBooks Manufacturing simplifies the process here by eliminating the need to open every assembly and see where components are used. The software makes it easy to view where-used information for your assembly components and subassemblies.

Additionally, rather than building each subassembly individually, this feature assists you in building all subassemblies automatically with a final build.

Advanced Pricing Add-On

With this add-on you can create virtually unlimited price rules for special deals, groups of customers, or thousands of other options. This feature is an additional purchase to the software but can be highly beneficial by cutting down on complexities.

Customized Chart of Accounts

Through customizing your chart of accounts, you can make the software work for you. Whether this is to better track your work in progress, labor, or materials, QuickBooks continues to create tools that provide the most relevant data to the user.

Available to Promise

QuickBooks Wholesale and Manufacturing edition shows all relevant inventory data on one screen, cutting down on clicks and saving you time. This screen shows details on which customers have ordered a product, as well as open purchase orders.

Having this information readily available provides you with the ability to see the total inventory you have available and better manage your business.

Create Sales Orders

QuickBooks simplifies the process of creating and managing sales orders. You can track the status of an order and see whether it’s been shipped within the same module. This feature will also filter sales orders by customer or item to see the most pertinent information for your needs.

You can then instantly turn sales orders into work order, purchase orders, pick lists, or packing slips, cutting down on additional data-entry time.

Sales Order Fulfillment

After creating your sales orders, this tool shows all open sales orders on one screen to assist you with fulfillment. QuickBooks will sort these by date, by shippable dollar amount, or by customer to view data in multiple ways.

For greater flexibility, you can allow partial or complete order shipment. To create efficiencies, you can print your pick lists, packing slips, and invoices in batches for any order needed.

Backorder Tracking

Within sales orders and invoices, QuickBooks has added a Backordered column showing which items are due to be shipped. Similarly, the Backordered column on purchase orders will show what’s expected from your vendors.

In precisely tracking inventory, the ability to quickly and accurately see backorders is crucial to planning and scheduling your production.

Customize Price Levels

This feature enables you to create different prices for different types of customers based on your business. Using a fixed percentage or a dollar amount, QuickBooks can store up to 750 customized price levels for your item. This can be highly beneficial come time for a special sale or discount, or finding the right deal for a customer.

Multiple Customer Shipping Addresses

For your customers with multiple locations, you can store an unlimited number of shipping addresses. These are selected from a dropdown list within sales orders providing a simplified way to manage your customers.


QuickBooks Wholesale and Manufacturing edition provides some extremely useful tools that add value to your wholesale or manufacturing business. Accurately tracking inventory and processes is crucial to managing your business, and QuickBooks helps you to do this in highly efficient ways.

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