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QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop V.12 2015: R3 Patch Release

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The R3 patch for Point of Sale Desktop V12 was released late last night. Below is information about what’s included and what you should expect when installing R3. It is important to note the company file will be upgraded to a more reliable and faster database. This process can take some extra time when you open the file for the first time after installing R3.
Here’s a link to the online article: http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Articles/INF28025.

What’s Included in R3:

General Updates

  • The company file will be upgraded to a more reliable and faster Database, this process can take some extra time when you open the file for the first time in after installing R3
  • Selecting “Close all windows” from the Windows menu no longer causes Point of Sale to hang in a Client-Server setup.
  • CTRL+Tab function to switch between windows is now enhanced to navigate between more windows across old and new user interfaces
  • Audit Log window will now be included in the CTRL+Tab feature and can be used to toggle between other open windows and the Audit Log
  • The Preferences will now reflect the currently supported versions of QuickBooks Financial
  • Shift+Tab (Tabbing while holding the Shift key) functionality will now work in the Sales Receipt, Receiving Voucher and other screens
  • ‘I Want To’ menu on the ‘Make a Sale’ screen will now show correct options when using the Tab key to navigate to ‘I Want To’ menu
  • CTRL+Tab will now work when Dashboard is open
  • A Warning will now appear advising that the current data will be overridden when restoring a file from a backup

Merchant Accounts and Payments

  • Link to apply for an Intuit Payments Account is now available on the Payments tab of the Setup Interview for customers that are not using Intuit Payments to process credit and debit cards

Sales, Purchasing and Items

  • Point of Sale will no longer hang when clicking any button such as ‘Make a Sale’ while editing columns on lists such as the Item or Customer list when using the list edit feature
  • The number of items has been added and will now show in the Return Item only when there is a return item on Sales Receipts and Receiving Vouchers
  • ‘Sorry, QuickBooks Point of Sale got stuck…’ error will no longer display when deleting more than fifty held documents and opening the Make a Sale screen
  • When sorting ‘Item list’ by a column other than the ‘Item name’, all rows for the same value of that field will now be sorted by the item name
  • Printed receipts will now appear in the same sorted order as in the user interface
  • ‘Make a Sale’ screen will no longer hang if a held receipt is opened at one workstation and the same is deleted at another workstation from ‘Held Receipts’ screen in a Client-Server set up.
  • Editing promo codes from ‘Sales History’ screen for multiple sales receipts at a time, will not make ‘Add/Edit Promo Code/Notes’ functionality unresponsive.
  • Vendor history will now open the selected document
  • Open Sales Order list will now display open Sales Orders instead of all Sales Orders when accessed from the Home Page
  • The Inactive Vendor Label will now display in the Vendor settings widget

Reports and Printing

  • Search Item field now works on Item List Report

Multi-Store Functionality

  • In progress state of Physical Inventory will now be captured in CTRL+Tab for Multi-Store setup
  • Transfer Slips will now display correct count in statistics widget of Item Details

Financial Exchange

  • FAQ link in Financial Center is now working properly
  • Financial Exchange “How does POS work with QuickBooks” link is now working properly

Mobile Sync

  • Non-taxable sales can now be created in GoPayment and synced with Point of Sale without creating negative sales tax in Sales Tax preferences in Point of Sale

Have Questions On QuickBooks Point of Sale?

If you have any questions regarding QuickBooks Point of Sale and the new R3 Release, feel free to give us a call at 866-949-7267 and we can walk you through the details.