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NovelASPect Cloud Hosting For QuickBooks

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting platforms have truly revolutionized the digital industry, introducing more efficient, transparent, and streamlined activity for SMEs as well as large corporations. While cloud computing has been around for the better part of the last decade, its functionality has only increased in recent years. This has allowed SMEs to reduce manmade errors, streamline business activity, and have an online backup of their corporate data, all in one place.

As a result, businesses that use QuickBooks can now leverage on integration with popular cloud hosting software like NovelASPect for workflow efficiency, enhanced security, and reduced costs. Let’s take a look at why Novel ASPect is one of the leading cloud platforms today, that can integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks.

NovelASPect Functionality and Features

NovelASPect has been offering cloud hosting solutions for nearly a decade, thus making it one of the key players in the industry. What makes it a viable option is that many SMEs around the world, especially in the US and Canada, rely on NovelASPect to streamline business activity.

NovelASPect offers an exclusive blend of services, for instance:

  • Application and server hosting services
  • Backup and recovery functionality small business data
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Exchange hosted email – Collaboration between NovelASPect and Intermedia that allows NovelASPect users to access business data from any part of the world via Exchange email service.

In terms of reliability and compatibility, Novel ASPect ranks amongst the best cloud platforms that can easily be accessed via Windows, Mac, and Android. This allows business owners to make sure that their corporate data can be retrieved via a remote location conveniently.

For QuickBooks users, Novel ASPect offers the Citrix QuickBooks Cloud, an application that allows you to access all your QuickBooks data within the Novel ASPect framework.

How NovelASPect Ranks Among Other Enterprise Cloud Platforms


Right Networks

The Right Networks offers more or less the same features, services, and functionality as NovelASPect; also sharing a decade’s worth of experience in cloud computing with the latter. However, NovelASPect offers greater reliability in expense management. The Right Networks charges $50/user at discounted rates, and for each additional user, it will charge an extra $11. However, Right Networks does not offer round the clock technical support and the level of networking capacity that NovelASPect brings to the table.

Cloud 9 Realtime

Cloud 9 Realtime, is another provider that offers Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks.  They have two different hosting packages for business applications:

  • Basic Package – For $39.99/month, you receive 5GB storage space, PDF capabilities, multi-monitoring, 24/7 technical support, and compatibility with various OS.
  • Plus Package – For $59.99/month, you get 10GB storage space, full synchronization, MS Excel capabilities, a private eDashboard, and 90 days of data backup.

The Basic Package at first glance seems pretty comparable to Novel but when you look deeper, you find 3 differences. First is, that unless you pay annually, you will incur a $50 set-up fee.  The second is that the Intuit licensing fee of $5.00 per month is not included in the quoted price.  That brings the true cost to $44.99 and $64.99 making Cloud 9 the most expensive provider of the group.  Lastly, (and probably the most important) the Microsoft reader capabilities that allow you to view Word and Excel docs in a hosted environment, are only available in the Plus subscription.  That means that you would need to pay $64.99 per month to get the same features that you would with Novel ASPect for only $39.00.

Unidata Cloud Hosting

Lastly, Unidata is another cloud hosting platform that offers QuickBooks integration, albeit with far less services compared to other providers.  The challenge with Unidata when compared with Novel ASPect is the same one with Cloud 9: value and expense.  Although the base package with UniData is only $38.00, when you add the Microsoft Productivity Package (needed for viewing QuickBooks data in Word and Excel), you are up to $50.00 per month/user.  Although this is less than the Cloud 9 option at $59.00, it is still 25% more than NovelASPect.

NovelASPect for QuickBooks Users

There are various features of NovelASPect that make it standout for QuickBooks users. For instance, the data security offered by NovelASPect allows QuickBooks users to update and change their logs without having to worry about data integration, as most of it is done in real-time. Pricing is another factor that makes Novel ASPect attractive, as you can get started with auditing and financing your SME for only $39/user.  As mentioned above, this comes with no startup costs and includes all your Intuit license fees as well as the Microsoft apps package which allows you to run Word, Excel and other Microsoft programs in the cloud (this is a necessity for handling data in QuickBooks!).

For QuickBooks Pro users, NovelASPect offers telecommuting, secured data storage and backup, real-time computing capabilities, and remote access to multiple users among other features. QuickBooks Premier allows five users to access their data from any part of the world at any one time through Novel ASPect. As for QuickBooks Enterprise Edition users, NovelASPect provides 1 year of technical support, improved access to data from remote locations, and faster computing capabilities for real-time results. Not just that, but by integrating QuickBooks Enterprise with Citrix QuickBooks Cloud, you get unlimited technical support and greater responsiveness on different operating systems and screen sizes as well.

The world of cloud computing for SMEs is continuously evolving and as data analytics comes into the picture, real-time online operations will become even more responsive. This will allow QuickBooks users to have large repositories of financial data in a safe and secured platform offered by NovelASPect.

Looking to get your QuickBooks set up in the Cloud?

There are lots of different hosting companies out there but only a couple that are certified by QuickBooks as a Commercial Host.  Over the years, we have worked with different hosting companies and have found that if you are looking for a responsive support team, best in class Citrix hosting, and the lowest price with the most features, Novel ASPect is the only way to go.  If you are looking to get your company into the cloud, give us a call at 866.949.7267 or click here to send us a message.  In just a couple minutes, we can explain the “pros and cons” for your business and get you pointed in the right direction.