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Cloud hosting helps you manage your workflow, enhance security, improve individual performance, and reduce expense and productions costs.  Business accounting management systems like QuickBooks and cloud hosting service providers like Cloud9 and NovelASPect appeared on the scene in around the same era and immediately became vital for small and medium sized businesses. QuickBooks is one of the most used accounting management systems, and it can be integrated with various cloud hosting software including NovelASPect, Cloud9, myVao, Ace Cloud Hosting, Harbor, iTopia and many others.  Here we will compare NovelASPect against the top three which are Right Networks, Cloud9 and Skyline by Unidata.

Overview of NovelASPect

NovelASPect has offered QuickBooks cloud hosting for more than a decade now. It is trusted by small business industry leaders. The software comes with a good blend of services including application and server hosting, backup and recovery of small business data, 24/7 access to experts for technical assistance, and Exchange hosted email which is a joint program of NovelASPect and Intermedia to let NovelASPect users access their business data from any part of the world via Exchange email service.

NovelASPect has amazingly reliable compatibility to different operating systems and computer systems including Windows, MAC, and Android. QuickBooks hosting users can access their data on Citrix QuickBooks Cloud.

NovelASPect vs. Right Networks

On the other hand, the Right Networks also provides almost similar services and shares almost similar years of experience with NovelASPect, however the latter is considered more reliable in terms of expenses. Right Networks cloud hosting charges you $50/user at a discounted rate, which can be calculated as $11 per user extra for small business owners. It also comes with some extra monthly costs. Lastly, the software does not provide free 24/7 tech support like NovelASPect.

NovelASPect vs. Cloud9 Realtime

In contrast, Cloud9 Realtime is also a reliable multi-functional hosting service provider. The software comes in two packages that you can choose from. The basic package costs $39.99 per month providing up to 5GB storage, multi-monitoring, PDF writing and reading, free technical support, and compatibility to different screen sizes and operating systems. The advance package costs $59.99 per month and comes with additional advantages of private eDashboard, up to 10 GB storage, spring ahead sync and MS Excel. It also provides 90 days data backup storage service.

NovelASPect vs. Skyline Unidata

Unidata QuickBooks cloud hosting and computing by far offers quite lesser services as compared to the aforementioned service providers. Additonally, if you want to have the Microsoft tools which give you the ability to run and export reports in Excel and Microsoft Word, there is an extra charge where as Microsoft is included in the standard NovelASPect package.  In terms of reliability, Unidata has been serving for outsourcing and now cloud hosting as well since 1989 and they do provide backup data storage capability is up to 30 days.

What Makes NovelASPect The Best Choice For QuickBooks Users?

Pricing is one of the key feature that attracts QuickBooks users to NovelASPect, data security being the other. When dealing with the software team, you can rest easy that they will not charge you extra hidden costs. Its low cost per user package ($39/user) allows you to manage your finances and customize your budget according to the number of users.

QuickBooks users can manage and access the data and resources of up to 500 employees. Citrix maintains the PC upgrades automatically on any operating system. Also, QuickBooks users can manage their work from anywhere around the world or run a project as a team from different parts of the world. For revenue increment, NovelASPect comes with a reseller program. It also allows you to share the data with clients without buying a separate client account which is another way to save money!

QuickBooks Pro: Users of QuickBooks Pro can win over their competitors by integrating with NovelASPect cloud hosting to enjoy the benefits of telecommuting, secured data and backup, reduced downloads and updates, multiple user remote access, 4x faster speed, high resolution, and clear and flawless printing.

QuickBooks Premier: Up to 5 QuickBooks Premier Users can access the data from any part of the world simultaneously. Only NovelASPect makes QuickBooks Premier responsive to different screen sizes.

QuickBooks Enterprise: QuickBooks Enterprise Edition offers 1 year technical support to the users, which is increased forever simply by integrating to NovelASPect cloud hosting software. Faster speed and improved access are some of the other benefits you recieve on the NovelASPect platform.

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