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Three Reasons Why Restaurants Choose QuickBooks Revel Point of Sale

3 reasons why restaurants choose quickbooks revel

The POS system is the heart of any restaurant operation. The right system enhances service to guests while empowering management to make the right financial decisions as well as simplifying the operation of the business—front of the house, back of the house, and back office alike. Intuit offers a specialized version of its QuickBooks Revel Online Point of Sale for restaurants, and we’re going to consider three reasons that restaurants choose this suite as their POS system.

Powerful POS Software—and More

First and foremost, you expect POS software to help your staff provide the best guest experience possible. QuickBooks Revel Online Point of Sale supports this expectation with a full-screen mode that puts the entire menu on one screen. Real-time inventory tracking means servers know if an item has gone out-of-stock even as they stand table side taking orders. Your menu can be customized daily to remove out-of-stock items or to add daily specials.

To further enhance the guest experience, QuickBooks Online POS supports bar tab management, eliminating the headache of tracking multiple paper tabs. Bills can be split evenly among a party, individually, or manually if necessary to accommodate guest needs. You can even expand your business to catering with an optional Catering Management add-on.

QuickBooks Online Point of Sale adds even more features to build your business through available add-ons. The suite supports mobile and online ordering, loyalty programs, and gift cards. For restaurants that deliver, driver tracking is also available. Food trucks, kiosks, and other small-footprint restaurant operations can enjoy a minimally-invasive and easy-to-set-up POS system with 4G-connected tablets and Bluetooth printers, eliminating large hardware footprints and the hassle of multiple cables.

Of course, a powerful POS system does more than take orders and payment. Along with the aforementioned inventory management system, QuickBooks Point of Sale includes an employee scheduling feature. It also features an online dashboard that allows you to access up-to-the-minute performance data and business reporting from anywhere with an internet connection.

EMV-Ready Credit Card Processing

A key component of any POS system is credit and debit card processing. QuickBooks Online Point of Sale supports PCI-compliant card processing with full encryption and PIN pads that leave the card in the customer’s possession. The system is ready to accept further updates to payment technology.

Using QuickBooks Payments merchant processing service alongside QuickBooks Revel POS allows even more integration. Payment deposits will automatically sync with QuickBooks, eliminating the need for manual reconciliation and the opportunity for errors that comes with it.

Full Integration with QuickBooks Accounting Suites

QuickBooks Point of Sale fully integrates with any version of QuickBooks Online Accounting which means that data automatically transfers from your POS system into your accounting system. Sales and purchase orders cross over seamlessly, as does employee time, significantly reducing manual data entry.

In fact, adding one of the QuickBooks Payroll services and QuickBooks payments mean that the highest data volumes—daily sales information, credit card deposits, purchasing, and payroll—become almost fully automated. Back office labor—non-revenue-generating but critical to the functioning of the business—can be minimized thanks to the high level of efficiency, and errors are significantly reduced.

Whether your restaurant is full-service, quick-service, a bar, or a food truck—or anything in between—QuickBooks Revel Online Point of Sale provides an efficient and streamlined system for managing the front and back of the house with powerful tools that enhance both management and the guest experience. Integration with a QuickBooks accounting package extends this efficiency to your back office operations to enable your entire enterprise to operate smoothly. QuickBooks Point of Sale is the affordable, scalable solution for restaurants of all types.