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Are you thinking about getting started with QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 but not sure if it is the right fit for you business?  If so, you are not alone.  Moving to a new accounting platform can be a big step and it should not be taken lightly.  For many businesses, the accounting software drives the key areas such as payroll, invoicing, customers, inventory and of course – the financials.  if you make a mistake and choose wrong, it can literally bring your entire business to a standstill.

I believe that QuickBooks Enterprise is the best Accounting platform for most small and medium size businesses.  Why?  Because you get tons of features that you would find in many larger ERP systems, in a simple to use platform for a fraction of the price.  Things like inventory controls, price level management, barcode scanning, job costing, invoicing, payroll and more.  One of the best (and many times overlooked) features is its scalability.  It’s common for people to want the software to fit their exact business right out of the box – but as we all know that is not practical.  The advantage that you get with QuickBooks is that there are thousands of 3rd party applications that plug right in to Enterprise and allow you to add the exact functionality that you need.  In many cases, this ends up being a much more affordable option then spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on a full scale ERP program that may up being more than you need in the long run.

So what is the best way to find out if QuickBooks Enterprise is for you?  We think the smartest way is to get a free demo.  There are two different demo options:

  • Downloadable Enterprise Demo:  This gives you a 30 day trial and allows you to install the actual software onto you computer and either create a new company file with your data or use the test data that is included with the trial.  This can be a good way to go if you are pretty sure that you are going to purchase Enterprise as you can easily activate the software and just continue using it with the data you created.
  • Virtual Enterprise Demo:  Personally, I think that the Virtual Demo is the best way to go.  There is nothing to install, it comes with test data preloaded, can be accessed from any computer, and take about 30 seconds to log in.  It is basically the full version of Enterprise just ans an online hosted version.

While you are doing the Enterprise “test drive” we will be available to answer any questions and if you have more specific questions that you need answered or want to see Enterprise in action, we can schedule a live webinar at no cost for you as well.  This way we can make sure that you have a solid feel for the product prior to purchase.

The Next Step…

Getting set up with a free trial of QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 is easy.  Just give us a call at 866-949-7267 or click here to send us an email and let us know that you would like to test drive QuickBooks Enterprise.  We will send you the trial of your choice (or both if you prefer!) within a couple minutes.  If you are looking for a for a new accounting solution, I think you will quickly see why QuickBooks Enterprise is the most popular ERP system in the marketplace today.