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The New Features in QuickBooks Enterprise 2015

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Intuit continues to surprise us and expand its features in the Enterprise Solutions which make this software way more powerful than its Premier and Pro products. In general, QuickBooks Enterprise, when compared to other products, has more reporting options, customizing options, and data controls, but the 2015 version seems to take the cake. This version adds a number of interesting and handy features as well as numerous improvements to the existing ones. So, what are these features? Well, let’s take a look and find out:

New QuickBooks Enterprise Features For 2015

Advanced Reporting

If you face trouble getting reports in QuickBooks, the new Advanced Reporting may just be the solution. This new feature allows you to discover untapped insights into your business and also gives you more customization capabilities, including customizable charts and graphs. The best part is this feature is not an add-on, but instead comes built-in with your QuickBooks Enterprise Silver, Gold and Platinum Edition purchase. In addition, Advanced Reporting also enhances search and filtering through its search boxes, charts, and pre-built filters.

Disallow Negative Inventory

Where in the past, QuickBooks would let you sell an inventory even if you had none on hand, the new version has solved this problem by disallowing negative inventory. And this makes your financial statements easy to track and fix. You can use the item on purchase orders and estimates, but not on sales orders, sales reports and invoices. Therefore, if you have one in stock, you cannot type a number higher than 1, until and unless you update your stock listing.

Shortage Report

If you deal with assemblies, you need to know if you have everything you need to build an assembly or not. While handing one isn’t a difficult task, when you have multiple assemblies tracking what changes have to be made can be challenging. But now through the shortage report for assemblies feature, you can view a report by item or by vendor. And this makes life a whole lot easier for accountants. In addition, the short reports feature instantly tells you what’s missing on your assemblies, making it easier to build one.

Other Features

Some of the other features of the New QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2015 include disallowing sales to customers with overdue payments (to prevent selling to customers who are overdue on their payments), total columns on forms (automatic totaling on custom fields, purchase orders, sales forms), and business insights (a comprehensive view of your business).

QuickBooks Enterprise Subscription Model

For the 2015 version, QuickBooks Enterprise has moved to a ‘Subscription Only Price Model’. What does that mean? Well, where in the past you could use the software after a one-time purchase, the new version of the Enterprise now comes with various subscription tiers. The subscription year to year and comes in three categories: Silver, Gold and Platinum.  The benefits are that now you have the option get the “add-on” products like Advanced Pricing, Advanced Inventory and Enhanced Payroll included vs. having to add them on (and pay for them) separately.  Here is an overview of the Enterprise subscription tiers and what they include:

  • Silver Edition – This subscription level includes the QuickBooks Enterprise 2015, Advanced Reporting capabilities, and the full service plan that includes free, unlimited technical support from Intuit for the full year.
  • Gold Edition – This subscription level includes the same features above in addition to Intuit Enhanced Payroll Service for unlimited employees.
  • Platinum Edition – The subscription level includes QuickBooks Enterprise 2015, Advanced Reporting capabilities, Full Service Plan, Enhanced Payroll service, Advanced Pricing modules, and Advanced Inventory.

So, now you can get the subscription that best suits your budget and the features that you need for your specific business model.  All in all, QuickBooks Enterprise continues to prove its worth as a top level ERP software for the small and mid-level business set.  Have you had any experience with the new QuickBooks Enterprise 2015?  If so, we would be curious to hear what you think.  If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how Enterprise can work for your situation, just give us a call at 866-949-7267.