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Batch Invoicing in QuickBooks Online Advanced

Batch Invoicing in QuickBooks Online Advanced

Every time you sell a product or service, you need to send an invoice to ensure that you’re paid by your customer. Unfortunately, invoicing can take up hours of your week, depending on the number of customers you have and the invoicing or accounting software you use. With QuickBooks Online Advanced, you can speed up your invoicing process by up to 37% with its batch invoicing feature. 

What is batch invoicing?

Available only in QuickBooks Online Advanced, batch invoicing is a time-saving feature that allows you to create and send a group of multiple invoices all at once instead of creating and sending out individual invoices one by one. It speeds up your invoicing process because you can duplicate an invoice for a single customer or assign them to groups of customers in just a few clicks. Also, if you have multiple invoices outside of QuickBooks, you can easily import them in a CSV format.

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When to use batch invoicing?

Batch invoicing is great for businesses that provide services on a regular basis or those that frequently send the same invoice to multiple customers. For instance, if your business provides a monthly subscription service to several different clients that are billed on the last day of the month, then you can create and send multiple invoices to all of them in one go.

Benefits of Batch Invoicing

The biggest advantage of batch invoicing is that it saves you time. With QuickBooks Online Advanced’s highly customizable invoices, you can choose what information you want to include in your invoice, and you can quickly create it with just a few clicks. 

Additionally, batch invoicing helps reduce errors, as you can set up a fixed schedule for the invoices to be sent out. Also, you can provide your customers with a templated format that is easy to understand and lets them quickly process their payments. 

Other Time-Saving Features of QuickBooks Online Advanced

In addition to batch invoices, QuickBooks Online Advanced also includes batch expense and batch check features. Batch expenses let you create an expense once, duplicate it, and then make the necessary changes, such as the vendor or amount. Batch checks allow you to duplicate a check and then simply change the details (i.e. vendor name, address, and amount) while keeping the other form fields the same. Learn more by reading our article on the benefits of QuickBooks Online Advanced.

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