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How To Create Invoice Approval Workflows In QuickBooks Online Advanced

Invoice approval workflows in QuickBooks Online Advanced

QuickBooks Online Advanced is the only QuickBooks Online product that allows you to create workflows out of the box, and one of those key workflows is invoice approval.  This workflow allows you to create scenarios that require an invoice to be approved by a person (or multiple people) in your organization prior to being sent.  The triggers can be based on three different conditions – invoice amount, a specific customer, or a specific location.  Once you set up the triggers, you can set up the people that need to be notified, how you want them notified, and the message that you want to send.  To approve the invoice, all you need to do is select the tasks tab and you will see the invoice listed and waiting for approval!  Watch the video below and you will see the full walkthrough from start to finish.

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If you already have an account, then let’s keep going to the video below that will walk you through some of the main features that we mentioned above!

How To Create Invoice Approval Workflows In QuickBooks Online Advanced

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