Field Service Management For QuickBooks

Part 3: Installing The QuickBooks Integration Client For Intuit Field Service Management

Field Service Management

Welcome to Part 3 in a video series of how to set up and use Intuit Field Service Management.  The goal of this series is to take you step by step through the product from initial setup, to integration with your QuickBooks Software to dispatching technicians, working with reports, and will even discuss the Time Card and Service Agreement add on modules on a later segment.  We hope that you get great value out of these videos and if you have any questions on any part of the Intuit Field Service Management program, please call us at 866-949-7267 or click here to send us an email.  Enjoy!

Video 3:  Installing The QuickBooks Integration Client For Intuit Field Service Management 

This video covers the initial steps you will want to take to set up the QuickBooks Integration Client for Intuit Field Service Management.  The QuickBooks Integration client is the module that allows Intuit Field Service Management to sync data with your QuickBooks Accounting software.  It will also touch on technical specifications and needs for installing on different operating systems.  If you have not watched Part 1 on configuring field Service Management, please make sure that you do prior to installing the integration client and attempting to sync your QuickBooks data.  This is very important…

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